Big Al Adventure in Vegas w/ HardNox!


So, I’m hanging out in Vegas with my boys the HardNox, Danny Boy & Jimbo. I’ve been running since I got off the plane Sunday night. Last nights fun was incredible:

Click MORE to view last night’s fun!


The boys took me up to Voodoo, the rooftop open-air nightclub at the top floor of the Rio hotel and casino. Even for a Sunday night, it was packed. Now, I must say I’m TERRIFIED of heights…so props to me for withstanding the fear of being 51 stories up. I must say the view from the DJ booth was breathtaking.

Meet my new friend BLACK 8 THE NIGHTMARE. Don’t know his real name, but he’s from Detroit. An hour previous he won $4,000 on the roulette table betting on Black 8. He already spent $1,000 on a watch, bought his girl $1,000 in jewelery, and spent the rest on his VIP booth at VooDoo for him and his fam. As you can see, he had a blast, and kept saying that “I’m a nightmare…I’m a NIGHTMARE” Hence the name.

Me and the HardNox left VooDoo and went to The Bank Nighclub at the Bellagio. Very high class, very posh. The Bank made The Park and The Mix in Sac look like McDonalds. Don’t ask how much the cover is to get in…

I know it’s Vegas, and I know they party hard. I still could not believe it STILL cracked on a Sunday….at 3am. They were STILL buying bottles. One VIP booth & bottle was $15,000 – please don’t complain about $200 at Tre’ anymore.

We didn’t get outta there until 4am, then went to the house for some well-needed rest. What Monday night has in store? I’ll let you know. Keep it here…


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