Simple Suggestions To Apply For The Memorial Day Festivities


Yes,I said it.  There’s going to be a lot of food prepared and meat grilling but don’t overdose.  You’ve been sticking to the plan, eating good and healthy and on point with your exercise regimen.  Don’t fall off the bandwagon.  Here’s a few tips to stay on course this Memorial Day weekend.

Click CONTINUE…it might save your life!

1.  EAT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE BBQ–  going to the bbq on an empty stomach will only entice you to over indulge. 

2.  DRESS TO IMPRESS- go to the  bbq looking good with your best outfit on.  This may inspire you to not stuff your face and have to unbutton your pants to breathe while you’re socializing. 

3.  WATCH YOUR PORTIONS– There’s nothing wrong with “sampling” all of your favorites on this weekend’s menu.  Its the continuous nibbling that will get you in trouble.  Stay aware of how many ribs, burgers and wings you’re plopping on your place and try to keep a reasonable limit to your portions with a small plate instead of the big dinner plates.  Also,  watch the sauces and dips even though its the cook’s special  bbqrecipe.  Your summer wardrobe will appreciate it. 

4.  HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE–  I know you’re thinking because its the holiday, you can hydrate with your favorite friends, CIRCOC, HENNY and BOMBAY but let’s keep it simple with H2O.  If you do indulge, balance it out with a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you’re planning on drinking. 

5.  MORE SOCIALIZING, LESS STUFFING–  Its a long weekend so enjoy it by catching up with old friends and making new ones at the gathering.  Don’t be a motor-mouth but socializing more will keep you away from the food tables and stuffing your mouth with unnecessary calories that you’ll regret.   

Be safe and enjoy your Memorial Day with family and friends!


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