Lil Kim Wants Respect From Nicki Minaj – Why Is Ray-J Involved? SEE THE VIDEO

Last night Lil Kim had a show out in New York City and while on stage with Ray J, a few words were shouted out by the two, and they were definitely aimed torwards Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj. While performing with Ray J, Ray began saying that,

“It’s a lot of people biting her style and sh*t… I ain’t saying no names, but you know who…”

Lil Kim then chimed in saying, “We love her! We just want them to pay homage, so we could all rock together. It’s all about respect. You respect me, I respect you. If you don’t respect me then f*ck you.”

Check out the video on the next page!

I think Kim is handling the situation accordingly. She didn’t say Nicki’s name, which would have been her first mistake, and Nicki may not be “copying” Kim, but I think Nicki should definitely reach out to Kim and acknowledge that Kimmy’s paved the way somewhat and open the window of opportunity for a possible collaboration.

Both female emcees have been on the same record before, so there shouldn’t be a problem for a new collaboration. Check out their song with Birdman, “Grindin’ Makin Money.”

Peep the track on the next page!

How should Nicki Minaj handle Kim’s comments? Should Lil Kim keep throwing subliminals? Share your thoughts!


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One response to “Lil Kim Wants Respect From Nicki Minaj – Why Is Ray-J Involved? SEE THE VIDEO

  1. farai aka faffy

    actualy minaji shud jus have the f****ckn respect for her big sis lil kim and mor over lil kim shud accept minaji is a lil bit hotter than her holla

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