Tattoo On Your Face? – FAIL! See The Photo!

EPIC FAIL  (shouts to ILLSEED for this one)

I am sure there are people that want to join the Illuminati BUT, is this the way? Tattooing “Illuminati” on our face? I cannot believe this girl did this and she’s not even ugly. How far are we going to take the tattoos? What next? “Yo, son, I got a tat on my kidney when I had my appendix removed.” SMH. People are lost.



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8 responses to “Tattoo On Your Face? – FAIL! See The Photo!

  1. Bri

    the illuminati promotes ideas for everyone to advance, and they’ve employed and helped elevate Many black people willing to work hard enough to achieve the most godlike status we have in the world nowadays. so dont go accusing them of racism. theyre constantly trying to open people’s eyes to realize its not color that matters but the content of character just like MLk advocated. this chick here is Bold

  2. She look crazy! ILLuminatis are devil worshippers. Google it and get the facts. They have been around sence 1798. And for the record, they do NOT like black people.

  3. steve

    Again,this shows the intelligence of people and there knowledge of illuminate .1- she can not join,because she is a many people are quick to run there mouth,and speak bad of the illuminate ,yet they know nothing about it.please do the world a favor ,pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow.

  4. that gurl with the shill face tat must of been haunted,
    who in their right mind would tattoo a entity group
    that thinks the african race is dirt
    any beings that think that should be removed from the earth
    we are ALL equal and ALWAYS WILL BE
    i love my brothers they are some of the deepest people
    they know pain
    and they have knowledge : :

  5. love

    lol i know her; thats my bitch… thats the hatgirl

  6. lall

    please i dont think she’s wanting to “join” illuminati. do your research, she´s probably just standing up for her opinions in a quite overdue way, but anyway. she’s probably aware of the new world order and what that illuminati pyramid has to do with it.

  7. denise

    She is really out of her mind!!…what the heck wrong with people these daysss!!??

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