Brian McKnight Ruled to Have Fathered 14-Yr Old: Owes $341,640

It appears that the singer Brian McKnight is now a not-so-proud father. Well, the child isn’t exactly a baby either.

More child support $$$ details after the jump!!!!

 According to TMZ, the child is a 14-year old that Brian hasn’t exactly claimed to be his own. Well, whether McKnight chooses to address the child as his own or not, a Florida judge has ruled that Brian must now take financial responsibility for the child. The amount owed? $341,640, which comes out to just over $2,000 per month for every month since the child was born.

The mother of the child, Miriam Lee, took Brian McKnight to court to establish paternity last year. Why she waited so long to do so is not clear. From this point on, the singer is responsible for making child support payments in the amount of $11,388 per month. The ruling was a default judgment, since McKnight was not in court and didn’t respond to the woman’s claim of paternity.

A representative for McKnight had this to say: “The judgment in Florida was a default judgment made without Brian present. He’s still looking to establish paternity, and is awaiting the results of a recent test.”

The case of Brian McKnight brings out the all-too-present theme of men fathering children and then forgetting that they exist. If this is McKnight’s child and he knew of the child’s existence, then one can’t excuse the fact that he was not in communication with the child or his mother. There is also the possibility that the mother never informed McKnight that the child was his, and one has to wonder why she waited 14-years to file for paternity.


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