Thank Me Later: The Game Predicts Drake will Sell 650,000 First Week

You can’t hate on Drake!

Drake’s new album, “Thank me Later” is going to sell well during the first week. A long list of celebs have made their predictions. One of the more interesting predictions came from The Game,  who predicts that Drake is going to sell 650,000 copies during the first week, which would be a strong performance for a debut album.

Given that some of the tracks on “Thank Me Later” have already leaked to the Internet, some predict that this is a reason to expect the album to not do so well. The Game thinks all that’s an excuse, since Lil Wayne’s album “Tha Carter III,” also leaked to the web and sold over a million copies in the first week.

To my suprise, “The Game” has a great deal of respect for Drake, but it took time for him to buy into his abilities:

“At first, I thought it was just catchy hooks,” The Game said. “But he got something to say. I like it. He’s not from America, but you can tell his influences are us, and dude [is] dope. Plus, all the chicks like him.”

 According to the terms of his deal with Young Money as reported in the LA Times, Drake has been “hooked up” big time:

Under the unusually lucrative agreement he struck with Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money Records distributed through Universal, Drake received a $2-million advance. He retains the publishing rights to his songs and cedes only around 25% of his music sales revenues to the label as a ‘distribution fee,’ his managers said. By contrast, the overwhelming majority of new artists sign financially restrictive ‘360 deals’ that sap their touring and merchandise income and offer much more restrictive profit-sharing.

Drake is for real, and unlike his contemporary Nicki Minaj, people are predicting that he may impact hip hop for a very long time. But only time will tell how long his reign lasts…it’s far from over. “Thank Me Later” hits stores today.


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