‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s’ Sheree Whitfield Owes Over 180K To Divorce Attorneys

Sheree Whitfield needs to come off some of that divorce settlement and pay her bills before a Judge answers her infamous question, ‘Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?’ Pop the hood for details.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member is reportedly indebted to, not one, but TWO separate law firms for over $180,000 in legal fees stemming from her divorce.

Sheree hired Levine & Smith in 2006 to represent her in her divorce from Bob Whitfield. Three years later, in early 2009, Steve Montalto of Levine & Smith sued Sheree, saying she owed him more than $87,000 in unpaid fees related to her divorce. That situation has not been resolved yet, based on recent court filings.

This Monday Montalto said she has “ignored and stonewalled any effort to respond to post-judgment discovery about her assets and income,” he said.

He has asked a judge to force her to respond and to threaten her with incarceration. “She thinks she’s above the law,” Montalto said. He also has liens against Bob, her ex husband, which he has ignored.

Her next divorce attorney, Weinstock & Scavo, began working with her in 2007.

Last week, on June 10, that firm filed a civil lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court for $96,190.18 in fees related to her divorce. (Interest, the lawsuit said, amounted to $18,709.07 of that total.)

The impetus for this lawsuit came after Bob Whitfield sold property in Atlanta last October. He wrote in court documents that he needed to sell the property to finish paying off his original $775,000 divorce settlement agreement with Whitfield he signed in 2005.

Weinstock & Scavo recorded a lien on March 19, 2009 in favor of the firm for unpaid attorneys’ fees and expenses owed by Sheree. The law firm claimed Bob Whitfield and the people buying his property were aware of the unpaid attorney’s lien but chose to ignore it.

In citing breach of contract, the law firm said “Ms. Whitfield has acted in bad faith, has been stubbornly litigious and has caused W&S unnecessary trouble and expense entitling W&S to an award of attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation in connection with this case.”

Sheree apparently doesn’t think the latest lawsuit is that big of a deal because after she was contacted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for comment she responded with the following by email:

With all that’s going on in this world, what a shame you feel this is newsworthy….AGAIN!
Darling, these are the SAME disputes you spoke of LAST YEAR!

SMH. How TRIFLING is this heffa? Sounds like somebody needs to stop stuntin in that Aston and pay them bills!

Thanks BOSSIP!!


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