Ice-T Arrested, In Jail…Released!

The NYC way to fight crime…arrest ALL people who even LOOK like they are Hip-Hop, even if they are on TV’s most popular shows. They got ICE-T too today.

Find out the “reason” for his arrest after the jump!

Ice-T was arrested in New York City early Tuesday.

Shortly after Tweeting about taking his dog Spartacus (who has its own Twitter account…mind you) to the vet for surgery, the Law & Order: SVU star was pulled over by NYC cops for a seat belt violation. Apparently, Ice has a suspended license and was taken into custody and quickly released.

The rapper-turned-actor’s scantily-clad spouse — Coco — posted the following message to her Twitter feed about the couple’s morning run-in with the Boys in the Blue: “Yes, Ice was arrested this morning but we don’t know what the hell for! He’s been released..We got pulled over for not wearing seatbelts.”


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