Ne-Yo has an open relationship?

I’m not sure exactly how open it is and I probably don’t want to know…but something tells me we’ll be hearing more about this during the child support hearings. 

‘Beautiful Monster’ singer Ne-Yo has claimed that he’s single, and that he was planning to celebrating the success of his chart-topping single by drinking booze and with someone of the opposite sex.

The R&B singer has had to fight off rumors that he was gay for a while now, and the announcement of his impending fatherhood silenced these rumors for a while.

But the star has shocked us all after being asked by The Sun how he was going to celebrate.

He said: “I’ll be in Atlanta, Miami or Brazil and celebrate with alcohol and a member of the opposite sex.”

It was thought that he was happy with girlfriend Monetta Shaw, but he said: “I have a friend. Not a girlfriend. She’s carrying my child but knows I can’t commit. She doesn’t mind other women.”

Well… what do you think about that?


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