Timbaland Denies Suicide Attempt

Timbaland has denied trying to kill himself after TMZ broke a story claiming that the super-producer was the subject of a manhunt after the theft of a $2,000,000 piece of jewelery.

According to the LAPD, they put out a call for an attempted suicide attempt and sent out helicopters and squat cars to make sure Timbaland was alive. The producer was found and he was checked over by paramedics.

When questioned if someone had stolen a watch from him, Timbaland answered by saying that people take things from him all the time. He said that a watch wasn’t stolen, but something did go missing and he claims the time-piece was taken by someone close to him.

He said: “The only thing I did was take a drive to figure out how to handle it.”

Timbaland revealed that because he wasn’t talking and stormed out for a drive in his Escalade, the person who called the police must have been worried.

He was pulled over by a familiar officer and had to go through several procedures, but Timbaland said if the call wasn’t from a member of his close family, like his mother or brother, then there wasn’t anything to worry about.


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