Top 5 Things You DON’T Do On Facebook!

We all reveal a shocking amount of information to the world on our Facebook pages.  And with their questionable new privacy settings, you never know who’s going to be able to see what you post . . . so here are five things you should NEVER reveal.   

#1.)  YOUR BIRTH DATE AND PLACE.  Believe it or not, with this information, identity thieves could predict most . . . or even all . . . of your Social Security number. 

#2.)  VACATION PLANS.  Posting “I’m going to Hawaii!” is a GREAT way to get burglars to your house.  So just post photos when you get back instead. 

#3.)  YOUR HOME ADDRESS.  About 40% of people list their home address on social networking sites.  And 60% say they have “friends” on those sites that they don’t know personally.  That’s a pretty dangerous combo.  

#4.)  CONFESSIONS.  Don’t talk about how you hate your job, that you lie about sick days, or that you smoke reefer.  Employers now include Facebook as part of their background checks, and 8% of companies have fired someone over social media

#5.)  PASSWORD HINTS.  Your online banking, credit card, 401K and other websites probably had you give a password hint . . . info only you would know.  So make sure not to post things like your mother’s maiden name or your first pet’s name on Facebook.


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