Acid Attack Hoax: Victim Threw Acid On Her OWN Face, Then Blamed Black Woman For Crime

The question should not only be why did she do this, but why was it so easy to blame Black people for crimes to get sympathy?

The Washington state woman who said a stranger threw acid on her face admits she inflicted the injuries on herself and made up the attack story, police said today.

Bethany Storro, 28, had claimed an unknown woman approached her outside a Starbucks in Vancouver, Wash., on Aug. 30. Storro said the woman asked her, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?” then threw acid in her face.

Storro suffered disfiguring burns on her face.

Police released a composite sketch of the attacker, described as a black woman with a ponytail, but they were unable to find any witnesses who had seen the incident.

“During the course of the investigation, several discrepancies began to emerge regarding the alleged attack,” Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook said today, according to KOMO News.

Police served a search warrant at Storro’s home this morning and removed several items. They did not say what those items were.

After the search, police interviewed Storro again, and they said she admitted she made up the whole thing.

Clark County Senior Deputy Prosecutor John Fairgrieve told The Columbian his office would review the case. He said Storro could face charges of making a false or misleading statement to police, which is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Reports of the attack made national headlines, and Storro made several media appearances. She had been scheduled to go on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” but canceled the appearance.

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