Goodbye Craigslist Hookers!!

Ever since it started, Craigslist has been THE home of prostitutes, gigolos, escorts AND erotic masseuses.  But, those days are gone.

Earlier this month, though, Craigslist suspended their “Adult Services” section after Attorney Generals in 17 different states DEMANDED it. They worried . . . and rightfully so . . . that the section was promoting illegal prostitution.  They were also worried that the section led to MUCH WORSE activity, like the exploitation of minors, and human trafficking and sex slavery. So now it’s official . . . the “adult services” section of Craigslist is DEAD.

William Powell is a Craigslist executive.  He says they won’t be bringing back the adult services even though, “[We’ve] been virtually alone among advertising venues carrying adult ads in vigorously combating exploitation and trafficking.”

This move will also cost Craigslist a LOT of money.  This year they started charging $10 to post an Adult Services ad . . . and stood to pull in about $36 MILLION this year from the pimpin’ business.

It sounds great for law enforcement and victims though, right?  Well . . . a blog on is questioning whether shutting down their Adult Services ads is really a good idea.  “Without Craigslist, police are deprived of a readily-available resource for prostitution stings and, in event of a tragedy, are left with fewer clues . . . IP addresses, email trails and more.  These measures have made the public less safe.”

Shouts to Spence from for this…


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