Cassie Dumps Diddy!

Well .. . well . . . well!! A VERY reliable insider just told us news we thought that we’d NEVER hear – R&B singer Cassi has DUMPED her boyfriend/benefactor Sean “Diddy” Combs.

As  reported in the past, while with Cassie, Diddy was still romantically involved with DOZENS of women, including two of his babys mothers, Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman.

And it took a while, but Cassie’s FINALLY getting a backbone. The insider explained, “Cassie’s [family] had been begging her to leave [Diddy]. They couldn’t understand why she was wasting time with him.” The insider continued, “I think she finally realized that she could never have him to herself.”

The insider told us that she broke the news to Diddy BY PHONE. The tipster explained, “She’s been staying in a hotel all week, instead of Diddy’s apartment.”


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