50 Cent’s Desperate Cry For Attention

Once upon a time, 50 Cent didn’t need to do much to get attention. Today, he is trying everything — no matter how silly — to convince the world that he is still relevant.

Remember when 50 Cent was on top of the world? For most of the 2000s, everything that Curtis Jackson did was documented ad nauseam. Whether it was hit records, scathing disses (just or unjust), film roles or Vitamin Water, 50 Cent had no problem getting attention.

Fast-forward to 2010 and 50’s appeal is far from it was a half decade ago. Maybe it was overexposure or perhaps it was his ill-fated head-to-head record-sales battle with Kanye West that did it to him. Either way, 50 Cent finds himself on the outside looking in when it comes to top dogs in the music industry.

So now he has to find ways to be relevant again. His latest cry for attention move to remain in the public eye is his Twitter account. Giving 50 Cent an avenue to spew whatever unfiltered word vomit he can think of has been nothing short of eyebrow-raising. Whether it’s his battle with Justin Bieber fans or talking mess about his grandmother, good ol’ Fiddy has been doing his best to become something to talk about. But his latest move on Twitter is the one that has convinced us that 50 has officially jumped ship and is either extremely desperate or nuttier than we ever imagined.

First, he created a Twitter account for his dog — affectionately named after one of his most vocal public detractors, Oprah Winfrey. If that isn’t strange enough, @OprahTheDog and 50 Cent were recently engaged in a Twitter beef after 50 allegedly broke Oprah’s leg. Fifty later confirmed his dog’s accusations.

“I broke her leg cause the peta people threw paint on my coat. F–k that!” he tweeted with pictorial evidence of the dog in a pink cast.

As if it couldn’t get any weirder, OprahTheDog then tweeted a rant dissing 50 Cent. It didn’t take long for Fif to respond to himself his dog while threatening his pooch with a knife.

A knife?

Yes, a knife. And PETA was none too happy about it.

The two have since reconciled and basically told the folks over at PETA to mind their own business.

Regardless of how you look at it, 50’s antics have people talking. Whether it will help his music career is yet to be seen. This may be his strangest I’m-trying-to-be-relevant-at-all-costs move to date. What’s next? A tour with Kanye West?

Oh wait, he’s already said that?


courtesy of www.thebvx.com


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