Chingy Denies Sex With Transsexual

Uh oh Chingy….ANOTHER ONE?!?

Chingy has denied that he had a relationship with a transsexual, according to reports.

The rapper was pictured with a fan said that he didn’t know the person, but regardless of his or her sexual preference he still would have a picture taken with them if they were a fan.

After the picture circulated, the rumour engulfed the rapper saying that he was in a relationship with a transsexual, which he strongly denies.

In an interview with Street Heat, Chingy said: “That’s some straight bullsh*t. This is to clear that up. I had a show like two years ago. I had a show with Ludacris, we was at Chicago. There were some dancers on the stage and these dancers were on the stage through everybody’s show. The person asked me to take a picture and I took a picture.”

He also added: “The boy, whatever it is, asked me to take a picture. I’m not up there checking to see it it’s a boy or girl. It looked like a woman. I’m not looking to see no neck check and all that. I’m taking a picture with a fan.”

Chingy said that he felt as though he was singled out, as the same person took pictures with other celebrities that were there too.

He said: “I’m not homophobic, I don’t know what this person is. If you’re a fan of Chingy, I’ma take a picture with you. You got this person that took pictures with not just me but with a few other celebrities.

“But for some reason, they want to single me out and make it out like I’m messing with this person, sleeping with this person.”


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