Obama Video Spoof “Baraka Flocka Flame” – Offensive?

Outside of the brief “lol” you might get in your head after hearing the name “Baraka Flocka Flame,” there’s very little to laugh at about the parody of Waka Flocka’s “Hard In The Paint” with the President (played by comedian Jason Davis) and First Lady as main characters.

Peep the video after the jump – Careful: Not Safe For Work!

Wacka Flacka “Hard in the Paint” Parody! Directed, produced and edited by MARTIN USHER and JAMES DAVIS. Director of Photography: Mark Nichols

LIVE THAT LIFE PRODUCTIONS livethatlifefilms@yahoo.com

There will be those who see this video as the joke it was intended to be. Others, will be absolutely horrified at this latest depiction of the prez, and rightfully so. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with cracking jokes at the expense of an elected official — Saturday Night Live has been doing it for years.

There is, however, something very wrong when said jokes stoop to the lowest common denominator of what it means to be Black in the mainstream media. We’ve got the President as a foul-mouthed philanderer and Michelle looking like she’s one hit of the pipe away from a total relapse.

To date, most of the parodies of Obama have been vile, bottom of the barrel depictions that play up age old stereotypes. There was the watermelon patch outside the White House, Obama as pimp, Obama as witch doctor and Obama as radical Muslim terrorist. Additionally, Blacks are routinely portrayed as shucking and jiving, chicken eating, loud, ghetto buffoons. To put it simply, Baraka Flocka Flames is a straight throwback to the era of the minstrel show.

Surely, we can do better than this.

Oh, and to be clear, Waka Flocka Flame is not a fan.

source: The BVX



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2 responses to “Obama Video Spoof “Baraka Flocka Flame” – Offensive?

  1. Who Cares

    Haters gotta hate! Its people like the one who wrote this article that are responsible for Dave Chappelle walking away from his career, take the joke for what it is, and learn about the culture before insinuating that its offensive, you ignorant journalist.

  2. it was funny, shocking. like watching a car accident. hitting ur funny bone.

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