Jay-Z Not Into Illuminati, Devil Worship

Are Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce spokespeople for the occult, secret societies and devil worship?

You’ve heard the rumors, seen the spooky YouTube videos and even gotten MC Hammer’s two cents, but last week Internet celebrity Dallas Penn puts this urban legend to bed.

Is there any rapper more influential than Jay-Z?

Possibly 2Pac, but for almost every other rapper, their rhymes are considered just that, rhymes. Even Nas — who often puts religious imagery into his lyrics — doesn’t evoke the fervor for his verses that Jay-Z does. So when Jay-Z makes an occult allusion in a song, his detractors tell us it is because he has been indoctrinated into the Illuminati. Yeah, the same Illuminati supposedly responsible for the New World Order (and much lesser-known achievements such as the better tasting Coke Zero).

This has got to be the most ridiculous hip-hop rumor ever. While Jay-Z is part of the pantheon of greatest songwriters of all time, he isn’t a musician on the level of someone who can touch the majority of our nation, like Eminem or Taylor Swift. If I were a governor in the Illuminati, I wouldn’t sponsor Jay-Z for membership either. Jay-Z is on the verge of being marginalized in rap music due to his age.

Pop musicians have such an abbreviated shelf life that it would be far-fetched for a secret society to use them to promote its movement. I mean, think about it. Isn’t Jay-Z famous for rapping about stuff he has supposedly done? If you are a SECRET society with anything big in the works do you want some entertainer dry-snitching your plans to the public? Seriously speaking, the Illuminati has spent generations putting the ‘Pale White Horse’ agenda into effect, and then all of a sudden it contracts a rap dude to promote it? Please, give the Illuminati a little credit.

Those of you who want to believe Jay-Z is into devil worship have plenty examples to use without even bringing out the ‘Run This Town’ or ‘On to the Next’ videos. You could complain about all the alcohol he has promoted, like Armadale or this Ace of Spades crap. Alcohol is referred to as spirits since it allows you to see dead people when you drink too much of it, but then if Jay-Z is so devilish why isn’t he promoting 4Loko? That stuff right there is the devil’s water, or at least his favorite brand of malt liquor.

If you want to tell me that Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna or any of their friends (Ty Ty anyone?) are part of global movement to make tons of money selling black language or images of the black female seductress then I will co-sign that to the fullest. Jay-Z’s themes on the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ CD discussed filling his neighborhood up with drug addicts and making a profit from those people’s despair. I don’t believe that storyline either, but I certainly don’t accept the notion that a performer with a proclivity for telling stories is part of the Novus Ordo Seclorum.

The coincidence of Roc-A-Wear clothing adopting Aleister Crowley’s motto ‘Do What Thou Wilt,’ Jay-Z’s fascination with the occult, Beyonce’s split personality from Christ worshiper to provocative slore, Swizz Beatz naming his son Egypt and Kanye West’s Horus chain are all fabulous (no Fabolous), but sadly they are all just coincidence in the grander scheme of things possibly designed to make us forget about voting today, but more than likely an attempt to make us buy more crappy Ed Hardy clothing.

source: The BVX


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6 responses to “Jay-Z Not Into Illuminati, Devil Worship

  1. AYO ! Hes Into that 5%er iSH & A. CrowLee Book Of LAw Thass How He get his RainMan ON (not the Egyptian Sun City ) — He Khaballin outta Control !!

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  3. tom

    they are devil worship…..dont waste your time denying about the truth…….

  4. lewinsky

    Definetely jay z is a devil worshiper,no doubt about that!

  5. jo

    This is the most ludacris and unbeliveble thing to say. Stop telling yourself he is not, you are trying to convince your self. Dude is NOT illuminat because he is black and doesnt have rich blood. He is selling the illuminati agenda–dumbing down society. The symbols are there, and how cld u say he is not a mainstream artist. He has millions of fans and sold millions of albums…Get your facts straight because this is blasphemy. You should NOT be allowed to post on here, ever again.

  6. wel i think jay z is a devil worshipper after all his song he says hes jehover how can he be hes tryna say theres no God so hes God himself

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