Hammer Squashes Beef With Jay-Z

MC HAMMER has officially announced the end of his short beef with JAY-Z.

Hammer released this statement:  Quote,

“As a responsible veteran of twenty something years of [Hip-Hop], I can’t leave it out there with tensions. “I am reading comments on both sides, it’s not about that, I have seen all of that before.  There is an opportunity to say at some point.  We onto the next thing.  You know, Jay took his shot and I answered.  Now let’s move on.”

The strange thing is, there was never really anything to this beef in the first place. Jay rapped about Hammer being “broke” on KANYE WEST’S track “So Appalled”, but later said that he didn’t mean it as an attack.  But Hammer took it personally, and dissed Jay-Z in the video for his track “Better Run Run”.

But that’s all water under the bridge now. Hammer added, quote, “Seven days [of beefing] is enough.  I’m accepting Jay Z at his ‘word’ and moving on.  I made my point.”


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