Six Things You Should Never Do At The Club


If you’re going out this weekend, Gawker has a list of the six things you should never do at a club . . . because they annoy everyone around you.

#1.)  DON’T TAKE PICTURES. Nightclubs are dark, so anyone who happens to be looking in your direction will be blinded by the flash.  Plus, everyone’s there to let loose:  Knowing your ridiculous behavior is being documented can be kind of a buzz-kill. 

#2.)  DON’T STAND ON THE STAIRS. You should only be using them if you’re going up or down.  Otherwise, you’re just in the way . . . and eventually someone’s going to spill a drink, or use it as an excuse to talk smack.

 #3.)  DON’T YELL FOR THE BARTENDER. If it’s loud . . . which clubs always are . . . they probably won’t hear you.  And you’ll just annoy the guy standing next to you by yelling in his ear…To get a drink at the bar, just keep your money out and wait until the bartender looks your way.  Yelling won’t help.  If anything, it’ll hurt your chances of getting served.

#4.)  DON’T ORDER A MARTINI. Martini glasses are only good if you have a table to put them on.  If you try to carry one through a crowd, you’ll end up spilling on someone.

#5.)  DON’T HOLD HANDS WHILE YOU WALK THROUGH THE CLUB. Girls are the worst about this because they do it with guys AND other girls.  They hold hands so they don’t get separated, but it makes it harder for everyone ELSE to move around. 

#6.)  DON’T DANCE ON THE BAR. Unless it’s clearly allowed, leave it to the pros.  But chances are, you’ll spill someone’s drink, fall, break a heel, show everyone your crotch, and then get kicked out. 

But hey . . . it’s the weekend, so don’t let US stop you.


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One response to “Six Things You Should Never Do At The Club

  1. Add to that:
    Don’t tell the DJ “play something people can dance to” or “play my song, everyone wants to hear it!”

    Chances are nobody can dance to the song you’re requesting (or the DJ would’ve played it already) and nobody wants to hear your song but you… again, the DJ would’ve already played it if they did.

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