50 Cent Goes Viral With YouTube Star Keenan Cahill – Jeremih ‘Down On Me’

50 Cent knows a little something about making music go viral. In this clip, 15-year-old and quasi-Afroed Keenan Cahill is seen performing Jeremih‘s “Down On Me.” At the 1:21 minute mark, 50 Cent enters the room and proceeds to perform his guest verse on the song. Fiddy remains for the rest of the track, performing ad libs and nodding his head along in sync with Cahill’s.

The clip was recorded specially for and appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately before making its way onto YouTube.

Cahill suffers from Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome with one of the rare genetic disorder’s symptoms being stunted growth. It hasn’t affected Cahill’s knack for covering pop hits-from Michael Jackson to Justin Beiber – from in his bedroom and onto your computer screen.

Jeremih better be saying thank you, stat.

source: The BVX


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