Flavor Flav Selling Fried Chicken and Liquor

Ok, maybe I’m being too critical on Flava Flav and his new business venture he’s undertaking, get your money Flav.

But, SERIOUSLY? Fried chicken and liqour?

C’mon son!

Flavor Flav is officially a living, breathing stereotype. The Public Enemy hypeman is launching a pair of businesses: a chain of fried chicken restaurants (Flav’s Fried Chicken) and a liquor brand (Le Flav Spirits).

Maybe we’re being too hard on a legitimate hip-hop icon and legend. As a member of the esteemed rap outfit Public Enemy, Flavor Flav was an integral part of undisputed hip-hop classics, including ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back‘ and ‘Fear of a Black Planet.’ And beyond that, a black man opening not one but two legitimate businesses can only be a positive right?


While Flavor Flav may be laughing all the way to the bank, a legion of people are laughing AT him, not with him. Unfortunately, Flav has a knack for pandering to the lowest of African American stereotypes. Don’t believe us? Look up just about any clip of Flav’s infamous ‘Flavor of Love’ reality series. More often than not, he dressed like a clown and acted like a shiftless hornball.

It is not like Flav is providing a service that is lacking. Fried chicken and liquor stores are as common as churches in the hood. Even the businesses’ names reek of hackery. Le Flav Spirits? Last we checked Flavor Flav is from Roosevelt, Long Island. And while there are wineries in Strong Island, we’ve never heard Flav bust a rap in French.

Instead of yeah boy, Flav should have considered saying, no sir.

 source: The BVX


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