Keri Hilson Tells The Difference Between Men And Boys

Keri Hilson is set to release her new album No Boys Allowed this December,  she calls it No Boys Allowed because the singer only wants to deal with men. 

Keri has NO problem telling the world what she means…

Keri was asked what’s the difference between the boys and the men and here is what she said:

There are lots of things that separate boys from men and you’ll know it within a couple of seconds of speaking to someone. There priorities, how they respect you, whether or not they respect you. You should talk to them about their mother and things like that.

She continues saying:

 “so many things separate the boys from the men certain decisions they make, their priorities, like whether they are late on their bills but they got rims on their car.

Step your game up fellas, she’s not clowning all men. However, if the shoe fits…wear it!

source: GlobalGrind


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