Magic Johnson Receives Award During World AIDS Day

I’m proud of Magic Johnson for many things.  His accomplishments in sports, business and music are impressive however it’s his tenacious commitment to the fight of raising awareness, cause and treatment of HIV and AIDS that’s quite inspirational.  Not only do I believe this, others such as the AIDS Health Foundation agree. 

Magic was presented with the inaugural World AIDS Award from the AIDS Health Foundation in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center this week amongst family, friends, admirers and other individuals who are passionate about the cause. 

When presented with this award Johnson shared personal and heartfelt thoughts with attendees.  “Who would have ever thought that 20 years later, here I am and we’re still trying to help people. This disease is a deadly disease, but I think now, where we couldn’t talk about it 20 years ago in open, now we can talk openly about it. We can have awards like tonight at the Staples Center. What a blessing that is.” he said.

In 1991, Johnson announced that he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS.  Johnson acknowledged two positive changes since he made public his was HIV positive almost 20 years ago, he  said,  “Awareness of AIDS has definitely gone up and drugs available for people who are HIV positive have increased from one to more than 30.”

Johnson is the founder and chairman of the nonprofit Magic Johnson Foundation, whose mission includes making donations to community-based organizations that focus on HIV/AIDS education and prevention.


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