The LeBron James / Michael Vick Highlight Show

 Nothing makes me happier than witnessing someone rise to the occasion and shake the haters, keeping them speechless and stupid.

I for one loved watching King James put the chalk-handed pimp-slap on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the UNGRATEFUL Cleveland fans (wave bye-bye to your relevance Cleveland, you will always be known for your bunch of ingrates…and the Rock & Roll hall of fame.), and also seeing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick re-invent the QB position as the Eagles beat the Houston Texans on nationwide TV.

Haters, I’m so pround of you; you put these guys through the proverbial wringer and spat on them, and they still came out smelling like roses in spite of yourselves…STEP YOUR GAME UP!

Witness the highlights after the jump!

Michael Vick and Lebron James both took care of business last night dominating the ratings as well as their opponents. If you miss any action from both games we’ve got all the highlights you need! Check em’ out!

Michael Vick and he Phildelphia eagles hold of the Texans to get their 8th win of the season. Vick was (as usual) his unstoppable self throwing for 302 yards and two TDs in the Eagles’ 34-24 win over the Texans. Check out the highlights below. (Video Stops At 5mins)


While Vick was shinning over on the NFL Network, Lebron James had basic cable on smash. Lebron James destroyed his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring 38pts 8 ast. 5 rebounds. Check it out below!


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