Happy Birthday Jay-Z

Today we celebrate the 41st birthday of Shawn Corey Carter, known to the world as Jay-Z .

He started out as a Brooklyn rapper. He’s become a global superstar and is a seasoned and highly respected business man. He changed the image of rap and the characteristics associated with beng a rapper. It’s an understatement to say his hard work and ingenuity are awe-inspiring.

He created the Rocawear clothing line and has stated that “my brands are an extension of me.” If his business ventures are not impressive enough, his personal life definitely is. Jay-Z is one half of the most powerful couples in the world, the other half, his wife, Beyonce.

He even has the support of President Barack Obama who describes Jay as “a brilliant talent and good guy.”

What more can I say? Today (December 4th), we celebrate Jay-Z’s 41st birthday.


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