Kurtis Blow Caught With Marijuana

I guess they allow pot smoking in the Hip Hop Church. Rap pioneer turned reverend Kurtis Blow was found with a small amount of marijuana December 2 at LAX airport.

According to tmz.com LAX officials found the drug on Blow during a routine body scan this morning. The Harlem MC was issued a ticket since he had less than an ounce and allowed to travel.

As of press time he did now release a comment about the incident.

Several years ago the old school star—the first rapper to sign a record deal with a major label—co-founded the Hip Hop Church.


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One response to “Kurtis Blow Caught With Marijuana

  1. louis morales

    hey just stopped by to say that’s all news and nothing more! Yay, so how’s your day… peace and ….party people? Well, whos knows, always your number one rocksteady crew, rockin the internet as well.
    Outta here, who cares, right? anyways…………still listening here in Los Angeles County, and the federally’s even have the jet planes from lax following me,too

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