Hacker Apologizes To Lady Gaga, But Not Ke$ha

Ke$ha trails Lady Gaga in a few statistical categories: albums sold, YouTube videos viewed, and now a third, more dubious metric — apologies from hackers.

A German teen who goes by the not-so-subtle name DJ Stolen has been accused of breaking into computers belonging to the two pop stars, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Timberlake.

Now that he’s under investigation, the 18-year-old known as Deniz A is sorry. Sorry for bothering Lady Gaga, that is.

In an letter of apology reportedly printed in German newspaper Bild, Deniz writes, “Dear Lady Gaga… I am ashamed of what I have done. I did not think about the consequences.” He added, “I’m unbelievably sorry. We were only interested in the music.”

Deniz is accused of teaming with an accomplice to crack into the singers’ machines, swiping unfinished tracks they then peddled online (the reported haul for 12 months of digital snooping: around $13,000). “My client felt like he was in a movie,” defense attorney Burkhard Benecken said. “It is almost unbelievable that such a boy could hack into the accounts of superstars. He knows he made a mistake.”

But even though the most serious charge against him relates to Ke$ha — Deniz allegedly nabbed a “sexually compromising” photo of the “We R Who We R” singer and either published it online or blackmailed her with it (reports vary) — the pop star didn’t warrant a name-check in his public statement. Considering prosecutors already have “two fat binders” of evidence against him, DJ Stolen may want to plead with the glittery star for mercy sooner rather than later.

And change his name.

source: Yahoo Music


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