5 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Employees

The holidays are a time to say “thank you” to your employees and give them something extra special to celebrate everyone’s hard work and achievements.

Don’t get caught not giving this year (you don’t want to be a scrooge do you?). Most importantly, don’t give the same old cliched gifts. Here’s a list of some thoughtful and creative ideas for gifts for your employees:

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1. Money
Like it or not, money is the ultimate gift for anyone to receive. Most companies give out holiday bonuses to their employees in December as a “thank you” and to give employees a little extra spending cash for holiday shopping. To make this gift extra thoughtful give your employees personalized checks (not gift cards or add-ons to paychecks).

2. Wining & Dining
Hosting a company dinner is not only a great way to say “thank you” for a year of hard work from your employees but also a wonderful way to get the team together for some morale boosting bonding time.

3. Gift Certificates
Find out what your employee’s favorite places to shop are and give them a gift certificate there. Maybe a gift certificate to a massage? Discounted Broadway tickets? Get creative! This shows a true personal touch.

5. Gift Baskets
Wine, Fruit, Chocolates and other yummy treats are never turned down by anyone. Creating thoughtful gift baskets can be a great end of year “thank you.”

No matter what your company chooses it’s important to let your employees know they are appreciated for their hard work and get them revved up for the up coming year. Choose wisely and give your employees a wonderful holiday!


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