This Is How Will Smith Is Living

According to reports, Will Smith has just taken a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath apartment located at 25 Bond st in New York off of the market.  The unit takes up the entire floor of the building that houses 9 units and includes four balconies and two fireplaces. 

The last price listed on the apartment was at $55,000 a month in rent.

The Smith Family also live on a 100 acre ranch in the mountains near Malibu, California and have another home in Miami.

Now that’s what I call SKY-BALLING!!!



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4 responses to “This Is How Will Smith Is Living

  1. wow the smith family got lucky and plus i bet willow smith and jaden smith room is going to look pretty i wish i was a singer i know how to sing and dance but there is no body in this world that going to sign me up i hope some body do amen

  2. very very nice….hmmmm!!!

    Here are my posts about Miami … 🙂

  3. KSFM Promotions

    I love him!

  4. Good clean and balling out of control living. Will Smith is the epitome of work hard and play hard.

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