Dr. Dre Didn’t Realize Eminem Was White When He First Heard Him Rap

Dr. Dre has taken a lot of risks in his career, but taking a chance on a young Eminem,  a Caucasian rapper . . . wasn’t one of them. That’s because Dre says when he first heard Eminem rapping, he didn’t realize he was White.

Dr. Dre tells “XXL” magazine, quote, “Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to take certain risks […] but as far as Em goes, I always felt like nobody can deny it’s good. “I feel like, if I hadn’t met Em, or we hadn’t linked up, he would eventually have become a success anyway.  Because he’s so talented.  I was just fortunate enough to meet him first and open the door for him. “As far as the race thing goes, when I heard Em for the first time, I didn’t even know he was white.  I just knew I wanted to work with him.  And that kind of actually made it better for me, because it was so different. “

As a creator and innovator, nothing can beat that, and that’s all I was looking at.  It was a new and creative thing that sounds different and looks different, and we got along.  We had fun making those records in the early days, and still.

“We still have the same energy today that we had the first day we went in the studio.  And we still have that level of passion for it.”


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