Artists, Celebs Paid Big Bucks For New Years Eve Parties


Attention promoters: You want an A-List artist or celebrity at your New Years Eve party? It will cost you BIG TIME.

Beyonce’, Jay Z, Rihanna, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj & Drake will all be on-stage across the US during New Years Eve shows. I know how much they’re getting paid to perform.

Jay Z and Beyonce: $1 million each to perform for 2,500 invited guests at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Rihanna: $250,000 to host at Pure at Caesars, Las Vegas.

Drake: $250,000 for his gig at Wall at the W Hotel South Beach Florida

Nicki Minaj: $75,000 to perform at Miami’s Mansion.

Trey Songz wanted $75,000 to host on South Beach, but ended up taking a $35,000 hosting gig somewhere else.

However, some folks are fairly cheap – like Jersey Shore‘s own Snooki. Duh, right? She’s getting $10,000 for the party at Madame Toussauds.

Shout out to my girl Ashley Nickels for the numbers. I’m not hating at all….I’ll take $350 to perform during NYE!


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