Justin Bieber Wants To Live Hater-Free, Win Grammy, Get A Haircut


Justin Bieber had a huge 2010, and is poised to have an even bigger 2011.

Four things JB wants in the new year, A Grammy, a good nights sleep,  Selena Gomez, and….a haircut?

Along with his “Never Say Never” movie set for a February release, an album in the works, more touring and perhaps more canoodling with Selena Gomez, Bieber has a big goal on his docket: to take home one of the biggest prizes in the music industry — a Grammy.

“This year, I mean, I hope that I win a Grammy, ’cause I’m up for two,” he told MTV News. “So if I win a Grammy that would be awesome.”

So, what other big plans does Bieber have in store for the recently launched New Year? Brace yourselves, Beliebers. It has something to do with his hair. “I think after my movie I might cut my hair a little shorter,” he admitted.

In the February issue of Vanity Fair, Bieber admits that he sometimes suffers from insomnia, an affliction he says is caused by a hectic life that doesn’t afford time to think about “things that should be more important.”

“I just turn over all night and think. My mind races,” he says. “I think about all the things I didn’t have time to think about during the day — like family and God and things that should be more important but you don’t have time to think about, because you just get caught up [in everything else] during the day.”

One issue that looms large is the level of hatred directed his way from mostly male onlookers eager to see him fail. Bieber believes his “haters” are “waiting for that time when I make a mistake.” If he does, he says, “they’re gonna jump on it.”

But Bieber tells the magazine that after watching so many young stars mire themselves in scandal (Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato, for example), he’s convinced he’ll weather the storm of his teen years relatively unscathed.

Source: MTV, PopEater

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