Snoop Dogg Talks New Wiz Khalifa Collabo Movie ‘High School’

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are pulling a Method Man and Redman, and taking their pot-powered friendship to the big screen.

“[I’m] working on something with my nephew, Wiz Khalifa. We working on a movie called ‘High School,’ which will be out 4/20/2011, straight to DVD, ya dig?”

A movie following the adventures of Wiz and Snoop nearly ensures a dope soundtrack will accompany the flick, and the duo dropped the project’s first offering, “That Good,” on Tuesday. “[I’m] just trying to spread my wings and fly a little bit,” Snoop explained of teaming up with Wiz for the cinematic venture. “Do a little something for the old school, the new school, the true school. You know, just try to stay true to who I am and just make that good sh–. You know what I’m good for.”

Snoop also commented on the laid-back lyricists’ many similarities — from their beanpole frames to their botanical extracurricular activities — and explained that the movie idea sprung from teaming up on projects like Wiz’s “Black and Yellow” remix. He added that joining forces was not just good for the MCs, but a good look for the rap game in general.

source: MTV


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