Trey Songz Talks About His Road To Success

Coming off of a very successful year filled with awards, endorsement deals and three tours, Trey Songz talked about his road to success…and about making pregnant women go into labor while on tour.

Trey Songz said:

“What has gotten me to this point? I think most important is belief in myself first of all, secondly, hard work, third, dedication….after that a team that is working just as hard as I am and wants the things I want for myself and for themselves. Never being told that something can’t be done, never believe in that when I hear that and striving to be the best me I can be. Not really focused on what other people want me to be or what it is people think I’m suppose to be as an artist as a person all the way around just striving for what it is that I can do for myself. I think that’s very important in achieving any kind of success…not just in this field.”

He also recalled a moment in his life while on tour in the Midwest during a show when shortly after he touched a pregnant fan’s stomach, her water broke. Talk about a chain reaction!

source: the 305


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