Will.i.am: Black Eyes Peas ‘Are A Brand, Not A Band’


will.i.am of the super-group Black Eyed Peas has explained that the commercial turning point for Black Eyed Peas came when the group met people in marketing. The producer says that he now sees the band less as a pop group and more as a commercial brand.

will.i.am said: “Black Eyed Peas haven’t changed at all – we just got smarter. I hit the target like a marksman now. The turning point was meeting the cats in different marketing agencies. I started looking at Black Eyed Peas as a brand, not a band.

“It’s really the same thing – providing escape. It’s less about selling a single than becoming the soundtrack to people’s lives.

“For example…what’s the commonality for a birthday, a wedding, a sports tournament, a vacation? Let’s make a song that owns a piece of the night for all those events.”

He added: “I don’t think there’s any such thing as ‘pop music’ now. Pop is a level of notoriety – it’s the cream of everything, it’s not a genre. Like, 50 Cent makes hard hip hop but he turned pop. If Black Eyed Peas weren’t popular, what would our music be?”

source: DigitalSpy


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