Wiz Khalifa: ‘Black And Yellow’ Is ‘Just a Set-Up’

Although Wiz Khalifa has yet to reveal the album’s title or release date (rumored to be released March 2011), he wants fans to know that “Black & Yellow” was just an appetizer for the massive singles coming off the full-length album.

That…and he should be thanked for another annoying “Jersey Shore” moment!

“Everything that we drop after ‘Black & Yellow’ is going to do as well or better,” Khalifa tells Billboard.com. “‘Black & Yellow’ was just supposed to be a set-up record. We haven’t even gotten into the good stuff. So with ‘Black & Yellow’ taking off and people getting behind it and supporting it that much, that’s just great, great for what’s going to happen after that. I mean, I just feel that good about it.”

The 23-year-old rapper says that he worked with producers like Jim Jonsin and Pharrell Williams on the album, which follows mixtapes “Kush and Orange Juice” and “Deal or No Deal” and will be released on Atlantic’s Rostrum Records imprint. Before the album release, Khalifa plans to “go back in and tighten up some other things, and add maybe a track or two. But for the most part it’s done.”

In the meantime, “Black & Yellow” continues to capture the cultural zeitgeist, inspiring the video ” Black & Guido” from “Jersey Shore” star Vinny as well as J-Byrd’s Green Bay Packers tribute “Green & Yellow.”

The single sits at No. 8 on last week’s Hot 100, but Khalifa says that he doesn’t have big plans if the song reaches No. 1 on the chart.

“I’ll probably just keep working,” he says. “I don’t think I’m going to do anything spectacular to celebrate — I already smoke enough.”



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2 responses to “Wiz Khalifa: ‘Black And Yellow’ Is ‘Just a Set-Up’

  1. Dude wiz khalifa is my idol I say bring the rap your the reason I started, just don’t turn into one of those rapers that just raps about having sex

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