Real-Life Superhero Gets Beat Up Fighting Crime (VIDEO)

Yes, what you are looking at is a real life superhero who “guards” Seattle, Wash., and goes by the name of Phoenix Jones. But his superpowers didn’t kick in fast enough recently as he got a super beat down by some not-so-super villains.

Yes, I have video…you must click the link and see this…SMH!

In the city of Seattle, there is a group of self-described superheroes who have patrolled the streets for the past nine months. The group is called the Rain City Superhero Movement and it is spearheaded by a man who goes by the name of Phoenix Jones.

When we say superhero, we mean superhero. Phoenix and his band of merry men come complete with costumes and secret identities. The only thing missing here are actual superpowers — which could have helped them the other night when Phoenix had his nose broken by a group of baddies.

Now Phoenix and his collective have successfully prevented some evildoers from committing some heinous acts in the past (like carjacking), but sooner or later they had to realize that they were just as normal as the rest of us. The 22-year-old leader found that out the hard way.

Phoenix made an attempt to break up a fight in the city of Lynnwood earlier this week when the tables were turned on him and the man who models himself after the film ‘Kick-Ass‘ promptly got his ass kicked.

Two men weren’t buying the whole superhero act and assaulted Phoenix Jones at gunpoint. Jones attempted to prevent a brawl from taking place as he put one man in a headlock after he called the police. You know, to keep the man from getting away. But the baddies buddy had other plans and pulled out a gun on Jones. From there, Jones was assaulted and left with a broken nose as the no-gooders got away.

Was there a lesson learned here? No. Phoenix says that the injury is just part of the job and will be back to guarding the streets of Seattle another day.

Thankfully, nothing too bad happened on this night. But Jones and his crew better watch their backs. We’re sure some super villains will be after them sooner or later. Hopefully nobody gets seriously hurt.

source: The BVX


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