Companies Are Letting People Take Martin Luther King Day Off Again


According to a new nationwide survey, about 30% of companies will give their employees a paid holiday on Monday for Martin Luther King Day.

Last year, only 28% of companies gave employees MLK Day as a paid holiday. The jump isn’t huge . . . but it’s still a sign that the economy’s starting to get better and companies are feeling a little more generous with their days off.

Even though the number dipped a bit in the recession, companies today are WAY more generous than they used to be. And, because we love stirring the pot, less racist.

In 1986, only 14% of companies gave workers a paid holiday on MLK Day. In 1993, it was 24%. It hit 30% for the first time in 2003 and has now leveled off around there.

There’s no major connection to the size of the company and whether they give their employees a day off on Martin Luther King Day. The survey found that 32% of companies with more than 1,000 employees are giving workers the day off . . . as are 29% of small businesses.


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