Lil Jon Newest Contestant On Celebrity ‘Apprentice’

I had no reason to watch Donald Trump‘s D-List “celebrity” version of The Apprentice…until now.

Lil Jon will be one of the contestants going on the show.

Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray, Meat Loaf and LaToya Jackson will be several of the musician competitors on the show as well, along with Dionne Warwick which not many people were expecting.

Gary Busey will be signing on in order to win money to give to charity as well as David Cassidy and Lisa Rinna. Richard Hatch of the show “Survivor” is also going to be part of Trump’s cast as well as the former model Niki Taylor and Jose Canseco.

Jon and NeNe Leakes also appeared on Fallon’s show with Donald Trump in support of the new season by playing charades with the talk show host.

Although the lineup on Trump’s show seems odd, it will no doubt make for an interesting season.



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