Dr. Dre On Video: ‘Detox’ Drops On April 20

OK Dr. Dre, you keep teasing us about this Detox album. You released ‘Kush’ and got us all juiced about it all over again…now this?

Producer Just Blaze posted a Twit video this past weekend which finds super-producer/rapper Dr. Dre announcing that his oft-delayed “Detox” album is coming on April 20.

See it for yourself!

The April 20th release date comes a year and two weeks after Dre appeared at Boston Red Sox‘s Opening Day at Fenway Park and revealed that “Detox” would “definitely” be released in 2010, which didn’t happen. However, last year did bring the arrival of a pair of “Detox”-bound singles: “Kush” and “Syllables.” But of course in 2002, Dre promised we’d have “Detox” in our hands by summer ’03.

Do you believe Dr. Dre this time?


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