Luther Campbell From 2 Live Crew To Run For Mayor?

Infamous former 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell says he will consider campaigning for Mayor of Miami, Florida if incumbent Carlos Avarez is recalled in an upcoming vote — and plans to turn his time in office into one big reality show.

Can you imagine HIS election after-party?

“If Carlos Alvarez gets recalled,” Campbell wrote in his Friday New Times column, “I will seriously think about running for Miami-Dade County mayor. And should I win, I would make everyday I am in office a reality show. Everyday, Miami-Dade residents will have transparency in the mayor’s office.

“Cameras are going to capture when some lobbyist comes to see me to lobby me on some stuff they want approved. The cameras are going to be rolling when a commissioner meets with me when I want to talk about the things we need to build for this community. The voters are going to know who is full of stuff and who isn’t if I am elected mayor.”

A full-time reality show would certainly be a new (and expensive) twist in South Florida politics, but on the plus side, South Florida politics probably can’t get any worse — even if the biggest desk bears a plaque reading “Manned in the U.S.A.”

One thing Campbell wouldn’t take time to learn in a jump from party-hosting to politics is the art of the pot shot.

“With Rick Scott winning the governor’s seat,” he wrily observed, “I don’t see how I could lose.”

source: HipHopGods


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