Usher: Is He Innovator Or Follower?


Usher has climbed the mountain of success many times over with his R&B stylings. Now he plans to go in a new Pop direction with a new album. Is he staying true to himself and simply growing as an artist, or is he abandoning his style to be just another Pop copy-cat trying to stay relevant?

Usher has long been heralded as one of music’s most celebrated artists. Ranked as the 2nd most successful act of the last decade on the Billboard charts, he managed to give R&B music a voice amidst the expanding sea of Hip-Hop and Pop artists who began to dominate radio stations in recent years.

Nonetheless, it seems that the tide of change has finally gotten too powerful for even Usher to resist as he prepares to reinvent his sound with the launch of a new genre he calls “Revolutionary Pop”.

Usher accomplished record-breaking success with his diamond-certified ‘Confessions’ album in 2004 which sold a colossal 20 million copies worldwide and spawned 4 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. However, as sales throughout the industry continue to tumble, he has been unable to match his previous achievements, at least on the album charts.

Now, after chanting “R&B for life” at the 2010 American Music Awards, Usher has seemingly abandoned his roots altogether by preparing to launch “Revolutionary Pop” on his next album. While some argue that he is doing what is necessary to remain commercially viable and that he is expanding his sound like his mentor Michael Jackson did before him, many claim that he is simply following a trend.

So which way will he go? Innovative sound or Pop copy-cat?

source: ThatGrapeJuice


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