Goapele, Tessa Evans, Jackie Bryant Rocked Harlows

I hosted the Goapele show Friday night (Jan 28th) at Harlows. 


Goapele put on a great hour-long set; the sold-out crowd diverse and the vibe positive. Big ups to Jackie Bryant and Tessa Evans for repping the (916) well by sharing their beautiful music and voices on-stage.

For those who know all about Goapele, she put on an awesome show, rocking an hour-long set with her new live band singing cuts off  her new ablum due out later this year, as well as many her signature tracks. 

When the band played the beginning of her hit song “Closer”, the crowd went bananas, screaming in unison, singing every word throughout. Seems corny to say, but to me, that was a pure “kumbaya” moment; I’m always amazed to see music bring people of all different races, creeds and cultures together in one defining moment like singing a popular song in unison. That type of positive spirit covered the diverse Harlows crowd like a morning mist, everyone (security and bartenders) lost themselves to the moment.

I’m sure someone out there will agree, we need more shows like this in NorCal, Sacramento in particular, at least shows done the right way; great combination of headliners and local talent, no drama, and most of all, upscale vibe and attitude. Good to see performance-house R&B shows making a BIG comeback in 2011; people are ready to vent their post-recession frustration by spending their hard-earned dollars on being entertained with quality shows.

Shouts out to Conscious Vibes, Harlows, Namane, and Sac-Town for a great experience.

Big Al (bigalradio@gmail.com)


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