Marathon Man Finishes 365th Straight Marathon Race


That’s right, this dude ran a marathon a day for an entire year. All in the name of asthma. How did he do it?

Belgian runner Stefaan Engels set a Guinness World Record after crossing the finish line of his 365th consecutive marathon on Saturday.

Engels, dubbed the “Marathon Man,” began the extreme physical challenge a year ago in Barcelona. He competed a race a day in seven countries: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S.

Engels told The Associated Press  that he did it as a personal challenge and to be an example for others. Mr Engels was diagnosed with asthma as a boy and advised to avoid sports but this clearly hasn’t stopped him.

The 49–year–old Engels ran a total of 9,569 miles. He said the key was a slow pace over the 26.2–miles.

The previous record holder was 65 year old Akinori Kusuda of Japan, who ran 52 consecutive marathons in 2009.


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