Dwele Rocked Harlows, Gives A Quickie Nate Dogg Tribute

Big Al and Dwele, Harlows, 3-20-11

What a great show Sunday night 3-20-11 at Harlows as Dwele and his band rocked the house. Shouts out to NATIVESTAR, Cutty Dre and the Cutlass Supreme band, and Andy Allo.

I had the pleasure of hosting a beautiful event, with beautiful people coming out and having fun, and NO DRAMA…as it should be.

Click on the link…I have pictures and video to show you, don’t be scared!

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3 responses to “Dwele Rocked Harlows, Gives A Quickie Nate Dogg Tribute

  1. Just wanted to say ‘Good morning’ and what a good job you do with this blog! I aspire to do so well!!!! We need to continue our conversations about the industry here and how we mBy the way, the site is in the works and includes only rehearsal tracks (I just included it since you ask above – lol) – I have so much work to do!!!!

    Have a stellar day! Blessings, Yvette

    By the way, still in agreement for God’s favor on your behalf!!!!!

    • Didn’t realize this was going to post here! And yes, the concert was great; glad I was in the house!!! You were a wonderful host!!!

      • Ok…one last thing: I found it impressive that Dwele knew the original beats from the Nate Dogg joint were by Michael McDonald. I liked the fact that he gave him props too by having his background vocalist sing the hook to “I Keep Forgetting”. Nice touch!!

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