Trakmatik Creates B-Yourself Foundation (VIDEO)

Producer, Artist, Community Leader Trakmatik (pic courtesy of Facebook)

I have to give a special shout out to my boy, Trakmatik. He’s has stepped up and created a great organization called the B-Yourself Foundation. He has a documentary film coming out soon, I have an excerpt for you to see.

B-Yourself presents: Youth For a Change Vol. 1-Oakland, Ca. Here is a mini trailer from the documentary we plan to release soon. Very powerful, emotional and REAL. It’s time for the youth to get their stories told and heard. Time for a change.

Shouts out to my boy Trackmatik for this. Check him out on his Facebook:

B-Yourself is a non-profit organization offering youth the opportunity to discover their individuality through artistic expression. We encourage our young peop…le to utilize their creative talents as a platform to have their voices heard. As an organization, we stand behind our youth, with the firm belief that they are essential and relevant to the success of our local communities and beyond.


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