Lupe Fiasco Handcuffed, Detained At LAX Airport


Lupe Fiasco was reportedly detained last week while trying to board a flight at LAX on the way to perform at a concert.

“WOW…Fresh outta handcuffs @ LAX,” Lupe wrote (@LupeFiasco) before hitting the stage in Rhode Island last week.

Fiasco says he was in custody due to some “technical equipment” he was carrying during a flight on November 17th. A source said one of the items he was carrying was not permitted on the plane. Fiasco was handcuffed and detained, pending an investigation by airport police. No charges were filed against Lupe, and he was eventually released and allowed to board a flight to his destination.

“Airport PD officer was just doing way too much,” Lupe wrote on Twitter. “Even OD’d on TSA…let the arrest get before the CHARGES. We good tho…#TimeForPrivateJets. Shout to all the good airport cops and TSA folks…don’t let the bad apples spoil the bunch!!”


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