Beyonce Answers Back To Fake Pregnancy, Baby Bump Rumors With Video


Beyonce is doing her best addressing the media day on and day out, about rumors of a fake pregnancy by Beyonce and husband Jay-Z  just to get free publicity.

Well, Bey-Bey is attempting to squash the rumors, once and for all.

Beyonce has released her response to fake pregnancy and fake baby bump rumors two months after it was recorded, during her video shoot for her video “Countdown”.

Take a look at Bey’s reaction to making headlines in the video below.



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7 responses to “Beyonce Answers Back To Fake Pregnancy, Baby Bump Rumors With Video

  1. Not impressed

    All the marks on the side of her face are from Botex injections….Duh

  2. ralph

    Seleznev, would you care to revise your statement now that the child has been revealed? Also, why is Beyonce’s face about to fall off in that pic?

  3. koki

    so is it true thats she fake that? she have a baby now , you know.

  4. kazi2661

    lol go beyonce muhaha funny as cant fault the girl pmsl

  5. Sciatica in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is hounded by many fallacies and misconceptions that have misled couples from all over the world. Consequently, some women who have been trying to get pregnant have been fallen prey to these lies making it impossible for them to get pregnant.

  6. Pathetic Beyonce’ haters. Hate on because she’going to have a beautiful healthy baby & live a very happy & wealthy life. Focus your energy somewhere else like on improving your own life.

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