Big Al Hanging Out ( And Acting Scenes) With Joe Carnahan

Ever since doing a bit of TV work with Mark S. Allen on his hyper-infused movie review show “Mark At The Movies” as one of Mark’s many cast of characters, I haven’t rubbed shoulders with the Hollywood movers and shakers…yet.

But today, I did…and its a local dude doing REALLY good for himself in Hollywood. It’s JOE CARNAHAN!

Director Joe Carnahan (NARC, Smoking Aces, The A-Team, and his new flick, The Grey), former employee at Channel 31 in Sac-Town, came by the set today. Very down to earth, very easy to work with, not a prima-donna bone in his body. And I acted a scene with him for our MATM opening skit.

He even gave me an anectdotal story about something in common between he and director Steven Spielberg…too bad I can’t tell you, or I’d have to kill you.

I need to update my iMDB now, baby!

Here’s the new trailer for Carnahan’s new film “The Grey” – pretty intense stuff, but you ALREADY know, you don’t mess with Liam Neeson.

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